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Students Should Be Penalized for Missing Class Essay

Nowadays many students still miss classes for no reason. Why do students do like that? Maybe there is no penalty. On the other hands, some students still attend the classes because they know that they can get better grades more easily if they attend the classes. So penalizing students for missing class will increase students go to school and to improve a lot of good things to their lives is better, and the following some benefit will show why student should be penalized for missing class.

The first benefit of penalizing students for missing class is students can get good grades. Teachers who have a wealth of knowledge about specific fields can teach students a lot of useful information and can explain in an easy way to understand. They have to lecture in a limited time, and they may tell students important points of the lecture and may give some tips for exams. If students attended the class, they would be more likely to get good grades easily than other students who didn’t attend the class.

The second benefit of penalizing students for missing class is it may reduce the possibility for students to do bad action. According to a research that the problem of students being absent from school is directly related to crimes of youth people. They said about 80% of the current offenders in youth detention centers in New York have records of being absent more than a month every year, and about 40% of the offenders have records of being absent for more than two months every year. If students attended the class, the possibility of young people committing crimes would be reduced.

The third benefit of penalizing for missing class is that students can learn the way to follow regulations. For example, after graduating school, when they work for a company they will face a lot of regulations, limitations and rules. However, they will easily adapt to them because they already was prepared when they studied in school.

Some students who don’t agree with penalizing students for missing class say that If they didn’t go to school, they could spend the time more effectively and study by themselves. But most of students may waste their time in this case. Although they have a thorough plan to study, they may not follow it. It is difficult to work to the plan spontaneously without any mandatory conditions.

Penalizing students for missing class makes students attend classes, which may affect students’ whole lives. There are many benefits of going to school such as getting good grades, reducing the possibility of committing crimes, and learning the way to follow regulations. Penalizing students for missing class may be an unfair deal when students have unavoidable reasons. In this case, teachers can decide whether they give a penalty or not. I believe that penalizing students for missing class can help students to attend classes, which can help the students acquire something special to better their lives.

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