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Student Plagiarism Essay

|Marks: |30 | |Weighting: |30% | |Due Date: |Week 8 (submit to your tutor at the beginning of your tutorial in Week 8) | |Length |1200 words (+ or – 10% i. e. from 1080 – 1320 words) | |Topic: | | | |Examine the reasons for student plagiarism giving particular attention to unintentional plagiarism. To what extent can the | | |teaching of students about plagiarism and how to avoid it help reduce the incidence of plagiarism? | | | | | |Required reading: Wang, Y. (2008). University student online plagiarism.

International Journal on E-Learning, 7(4), 743-757. | | |Retrieved from www. proquest. com | |Details |Use FIVE (5) academic sources, including the required reading. No additional sources need be read as the aim is to select | | |quality sources that will help you create a clear argument. | | |Present your essay using one consistent referencing style (APA 6th for all students except Graphic Design students who will | | |use Harvard). Indicate on the front page of your essay which style you are using.

| | |Show your knowledge of the topic area as it is discussed in the literature. | | |Write in an academic style (including paraphrases, quotations, citations, correctly written paragraphs, appropriate | | |introduction and conclusion and a clear argument, and a reference list). | |Use Turnitin to help |QIBT uses Turnitin to check the originality of your essay. Turnitin finds material that is plagiarised from a range of sources| |make improvements to |such as other students’ essays, the web, databases and LibrarySearch.

| |your essay | | | |Before the final submission: Use Turnitin to check the originality of your essay and so allow yourself to make improvements | | |where necessary (paraphrasing in particular). | |Submission |You are required to submit both a paper and electronic copy of your essay. | | | | | |Electronic Copy via Turnitin (Essays NOT submitted electronically will not receive a mark): | | |Submit the final version of your essay to Turnitin before you submit that same version in paper form.

| | |Print out an ‘Originality receipt’ for your submission showing the percentage of match to other sources. | | | | | |Paper Copy: | | |Submit a paper copy of your essay to your tutor at the beginning of your tutorial in Week 8. | | |Staple together all the following documents: | | |A QIBT Assignment Coversheet filled in with all the details required, | | |A printed copy of your essay including your Reference List, | | |A copy of the Marking criteria and standards, | | |A printed copy of the Turnitin Originality Receipt (with % match).

| Marking Criteria and Standards |Essay Structure |Dimensions | |Essay Content | ___/ 30 | |Technical Skills | ___/ 20 | |Total | ___/ 60 | |Mark on portal | ___/ 30 | |Turnitin Originality Report submitted | Yes |No – essay cannot be marked until report is submitted to | | | |tutor | |Turnitin Originality Report shows appropriate | Yes |No – essay cannot be marked at this stage; tutor to consult | |matches | |Course Coordinator | Comments (where applicable):

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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