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Struktura Inc Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Struktura Inc

* Struktura, Inc. (SI) is a corporation owned by ALCO Group of Companies. * SI is practically a machine shop that manufactures car air-conditioners for Karkon & others, steel frames for PGSEP and die casting needs of electronic companies. * 1987 Sales amounted P1. 32M of which roughly 72% are derived from other companies of ALCO. * PGSEP is also testing the solar home system (SHS), a stand-alone photovoltaic energy generation unit suited for a single household. SHS unit come in two variants: the 28 watt-peak (wp) and the other is 50wp. The components of SHS, except for the solar panels, were locally available. * PGSEP will be terminated by the year-end and is worried that their efforts in propagating…