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Stream Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Electromagnetic spectrum

Many of the well-known scientists explore several types of waves and gave their theories, statements, and practical applications in this field. These waves are composed in a manner so one can measure their wavelength and frequency as well. These types of wavelength are declared as “Low notes” and “High notes”. Low notes have a low frequency and a long wavelength; where as High notes have high frequency and a shorter wavelength. These electromagnetic waves are result of electrically charged particles, such waves are also declared as “Electromagnetic Radiation”, as they radiate initially from the electrically charged particles. These waves can easily pass through any empty space, air and other more substances as well. According to research it was explored by…

Alarm over Dramatic Weakening of Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream and the extension it has on Europe is said to be a powerful Atlantic current that has its origin in Gulf of Mexico all the way to Africa across the Atlantic Ocean. It is the one that influences the climate in the North American coast as well as the coast in Europe. It is also used as a source of renewable energy for the generation of power. Gulf Stream is a strong current that usually meets with other ocean currents and rain is formed. It also transports water in the form of waves and also helps the rivers that drain in the Atlantic Ocean. It forms rain as the current is able to cool the water that is…