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Strayer Reading Response Essay

The Persian Empire is a “cult of kingship” in which is reached through an elaborate ritual. When the king dies, fires were set off and Perisans shaved their hair. The mans of the horses were cut short too. In Egypt, Persian kings often took care of their religious cults in order to gain support. The Nile eventually was dug and linked into the Red Sea, which enriched Egypt. Darius, one of the leaders, says, “And Ahuramazda was of such a mind, together with all the other gods, that this fortress (should) be built. And (so) I built it. And I built it secure and beautiful and adequate, just as I was intending to.” (Strayer 99) Like Persians, The Greeks were also Indo-European people.

They created the first civilization. Greeks took over mountains and valleys, little at a time. Unlike the Persians, Greeks expanded their establishment in places, but did not accomplish all of it at one time. They took time in knowing how to succeed in fully accomplishing what they wanted to establish. Persians accomplished places all at one time, not compromising what they had in the future. They didn’t care if another leader was going to come and try to establish their region. Persians wanted to conquest and empire other surrounding to gain power. Even the Greek historian says, “as soon as the Persians hear of any luxary, they instantly make it their own” (Strayer 100)

I personally thought that the Greek’s were way smarter than the Persians in many ways. They constantly knew what they were doing and where they wanted to go 400years from then. Everything they established was not changed until about 400 years later. Which leads to tell me that thought is worth more then establishing without any thought. Persians kept just establishing more and more areas with out contemplating the consequences that they had years from then.

Greeks were the type of people to expand what they had already established. Although, in my point of view, Persians had more power then the Greeks. They wanted to over power everyone, and that’s exactly what they did. Greeks were more about quality then quantity. They wanted to present themselves in a way where people saw their success on expanding their establishments, rather then just continually establishing other cities. I personally respect the Greeks more then the Persians because they stayed more civilized. They wanted everyone to be loyal with them. Persians on the other hand wanted to just keep ruling without caring about their surroundings.

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