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Storey Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Crown Regency Hotel and Towers

At the Center of Cebu City, Philippines rises the Fuente Towers, hosting the prestigious Crown Regency Hotel & Towers. The tallest structure outside Metro Manila, the 23-storey, 22,000-square meter Fuente 1 and its equally arresting twin the 38- storey, 36,000- square meter Fuente Tower 2 majestically tower over the Queen City of the South. Its location on Fuente Osmena and right in the pulse of Cebu City places Crown Regency Hotel and Towers in close proximity to the major points of commerce and recreation. Crown Regency Hotel & Towers is an emblematic marriage of monumental form and high technology. The roofing structure will resemble a crown to highlight a regal presence in Queen City of the South. The building’s environmentally…