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Stop & Frisk Essay

I am aware that here in New York we are surrounded by all types of people and of all cultures and races but why if this is so and we have our Constitution as it is written do we have to deal with this Stop and Frisk situation. I believe this is an invasion of space and privacy and that this violates our rights as citizens of this country. The Stop and frisk program is being done by the New York Police Department.

They are stopping thousands of people and are searching for contraband and weapons. This type of searches happens when police see a suspicious person trying to commit a crime, so they stopped them before it happens. The police frisk the person which means they pat them down; they search for weapons and then begin to ask the person questions. Which I believe invades our rights as citizens and makes people feel picked on and the first thing that I can think of as a human being is why me?

I understand that they have a description but they should have better guidelines regarding this matter because there are a lot of people who they stop which are innocent. I can understand when it is said that is it is used because the stops and frisks are greatly less invasive than full-blown arrests and searches, and that it is a shorter process instead of being booked and taken to the police precinct rather than just searched and if the person has nothing then they may go free, but if the officer gets further evidence during the frisk, the stop may lead to an arrest.

But it should have more specific information because every Hispanic and Black person will always have a resemblance with each other. The NYPD’s while doing this they raise a lot of concerns and especially it is being seen as racial profiling and it is and invasion of privacy.

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