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Stoning Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Compare and contrast of the three women

Virgin Mary Mary is an important figure in catholic faith, Mother of Jesus Christ in physical body, she is also the spiritual Mother of the Church, the Bishops of the Second Vatican Council gave this title to her. We know little biographical information about Mary, our greatest source would be the books of Matthew, Mark, John and Luke. From these spiritual accounts – and knowledge of the everyday circumstances she would have faced – comes a picture of the Mary the shepherds would have found in Bethlehem: a woman who was young, devout, offended by injustice, devoted to her child, and, many believe, sorrowful in the knowledge of what his fate would be. Mary was bethroed to Joseph when the…

The Blinding Power Of Society

Blindly following tradition is something to fear in today’s society. Shirley Jackson’s short story, “The Lottery,” is an ideal representation of this theme because a citizen of their village is sacrificed each year to be the lottery’s “winner,” and that winner is stoned to death. Comparably, in Suzanne Collins’ film The Hunger Games, a similar lottery is drawn each year where 24 citizens of Panem must fight to the death to achieve the country’s “winner.” The citizens of both the village and Panem have been programmed to understand that this tradition will occur and that it is ethical, when it most certainly is not. The relationship between the two texts is exemplified by the use of suffering as entertainment, arbitrary…

Outline/Essay thesis

Outline I. Setting A) “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson: The setting of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” takes place June 27th on a warm, sunny day in a small town, between ten in the morning and noon, specifically in the village square between the post office and the bank. B) “The Destructors” by Graham Greene: The setting of Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” takes place in a post-war period in a London town, more specifically in a lot of an old man, Old Misery’s, home. II. Irony A) “The Lottery”: In this short story, the town’s inhabitants are gathered in the town square for the lottery drawing. The word “Lottery” may have the reader thinking that there is to be some type…