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Step Up Revolution Essay

Step Up Revolution is the forth episode of the famous dancing film series ‘Step Up’. It is about a young female dancer called Emily wanting to pursue her dreams to be a professional dance in Miami. However, his father does not support her. She then met the leader of the Mob, a dancing team, Sean, and they developed romantic relationship. I think this film is a very good one. The storyline was designed very well and it continued to bear the high reputation of the ‘Step Up’ series. The dances in the film were well organized and it is very favorable for teenagers to watch. Besides, the soundtracks throughout the film were carefully selected.

The background music for the dances was well-known and we could easily sing and dance along them. I had resonance while the songs were played once and once again. I felt really familiar to the music and I could also be inspired by the film and design more new dance moves! Moreover, I think the actress of Emily did a great job. She acted her lines well and he could show the rebellion of teenagers very clearly to us. The romantic relationship between her and Sean was also a very touching one. They could ignore opposition from Emily’s father and pursue their dreams. Both of them did very well on acting these scenes. In conclusion, I think I will regard this as one of the best films I had watched before. I would give a full mark of 5 out of 5.

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