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Statistical Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Blood clotting enzyme

Serine protease proteins are important enzymes involved in the process of blood coagulation. Blood coagulation is an importance defense mechanism that prevents the host mammal organism from losing excess blood or from forming unwanted blood clot. The process of coagulation can be initiated by both intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors. A cascade of event is followed which activate these enzymes; normally the enzymes are inactive state a condition called zymogens. Zymogens by their virtual condition of being inactive prevent unwanted blood clotting which may have a far reaching consequence such as thrombosis. Blood clotting in a series of processes, in which the zymogens’ need to be activated by reacting with its glycoprotein co-factors. Among the serine protease is the thrombin…

Alternative hypothesis

A hypothesis is a statement about the value of a population parameter. The population of interest is so large that for various reasons it would not be feasible to study all the items, or persons, in the population. Analternative to measuring or interviewing the entire population is to take a sample from the population of interest. We can, therefore, test a statement to determine whether the empirical evidence does or does not support the statement. Hypothesis testing starts with a statement, or assumption, about a population parameter – such as the population mean. As noted, this statement is referred to as a hypothesis. A hypothesis might be that the mean monthly commission of salespeople in retail computer stores is $2,000….