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Statement of Purpose Essay

My objective for graduate studies in Science is to prepare myself for the long term goal of pursuing a career in teaching and research. I have chosen to work in the area of Science which requires good Mathematical and Computer Science background. This decision will give me ample opportunity to consolidate my creative energies. My education suits this field as I have a Bachelor’s of Science with Honors in the field of Mathematics. I started teaching as soon as I finished BS (Honors) Mathematics in 2007.

I taught Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science subjects to high school students, and greatly enjoyed this work. I live in Gujranwala, which is the seventh largest city of Pakistan. My surrounding has profound impacts on me. The social, economic and political instability in the region has stimulated me to play my part in the development of the people. Teaching gives me a sense of constructive participation in the region by giving others an intellect and funneling their energies in the constructive direction.

At undergraduate level, I have studied courses both, analytical as well as numerical methods for Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, and Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations with Analytical solutions. I have learned and developed capabilities of programming using C/C++, Matlab and Mathematica. Moreover I have studied subjects in Physics, Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Analytical Dynamics and Computer Networks. Pakistan is a developing country with insufficient experts in science.

To serve the needs of this industry, science needs to be developed and used. Thus conditions here are very conducive towards an application of my aspirations, when I return after completing my graduate studies. I would consider it my privilege to be able to pursue my graduate studies in Sweden and avail the excellent infrastructural facilities and research opportunities offered by university. I am sure that the stimulating academic environment and interaction with the distinguished faculty at university will prove immensely fruitful and facilitate my development as an individual researcher in my field.

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