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Statement of Purpose Essay

Information – its production, publication, storage, retrieval, analysis and synthesis – has become central to the survival of most contemporary institutions. MIS professional have a wide variety of careers open to them, with new forms of specialization opening up almost daily in response to new challenges to society. In almost every sector of our economy, one finds people grappling with problems of information management, making your knowledge and skills increasingly valuable. Career opportunities are varied and interesting; and, lifelong learning is valued.

That has perhaps prompted me as a techno professional to go for MS program in MIS; where by landing into a platform to see closely the global technology challenges, new innovation and its application.


I have completed my Graduation, Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science in 2012 from India’s most prestigious university i.e. Visvesvaraya technological university, Belgaum. Then; worked with institutions like Snipe IT Ltd as a Software Engineer for 1 year 5 Months. During this period, I have had a number of challenges and real life scenarios which helped me practically put to use various concepts of business administration. Additionally, finance (corporate finance and capital markets) has been one of my key strength areas. I have a fair understanding of concepts in ERP, particularly pertaining to SAP ERP. My work experience and understanding of business processes, coupled with educational courses in SAP ERP, has helped understand number of business processes related to Material Management, Sales & Distribution and Customer relationship Management.

Essay Topics:

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