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Stars Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Professor Questions

1. Discuss how astronomers compare the stars. There may be several terms astronomists use to compare stars, including luminosity, flux, energy flux, apparent magnitude and absolute magnitude. Luminosity is the total amount of energy given from a body every second, measured in Watts Energy flux is the flow of energy out from a particular surface area and is measured in Watts per meter square. Observed flux – As the radius of the circle placed around the radiating object increases, the flow of energy per meter square would decrease.  The observed flux would be higher if the radius of the circle is less (inverse square law) Apparent Magnitude is the amount of light that is received from a particular star.  It…

Path of the Stars

The song “Stars” from the musicale Les Miserables is sung by Inspector Javert near the end of Act I when he realized that it was Jean Valjean whom he had helped escape from the group of Thenardier. Inspector Javert is a rather curious character. A good characterization of him is well laid-out in the novel. However, in the musicale version, only snippets of Javert’s personality can be gleamed when observed carefully. “Stars” may not be one of the internationally renowned songs from musicale like “I Dreamed a Dream” and “On My Own”, but it offers a good insight into the way Inspector Javert sees himself as a law-enforcement agent, law-breakers like Jean Valjean, and his obsession, bordering on madness, in…