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Stargirl Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Stargirl loves Leo

The Stargirl fad is now dying at Mica Area High. Leo Borlock, though always find much excitement and purpose in the company of Stargirl Caraway, was beginning to feel the sharp rub from the spillover of Stargirl’s shunning. After Leo received a good douse of love from Stargirl’s huge sign painted with “STARGIRL LOVES LEO” and, afterwards, abject rejection by his school, he begged Stargirl to change and be “normal”. This conformity gave birth to “Susan”, a girl who is everything but “Stargirl”. However, it was not enough. May brought the final days of Stargirl at Mica High until she disappeared the day after her most glorious night at the Ocotillo Ball. Her disappearance eventually forced Leo to reflect upon…