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Standards of Academic Progress Essay

I am taking an appeal of your prior decision to deny financial aid that would support my quest to obtain a degree in special education. I have loved Miami Dade, as it has given me education beyond the depths that I could ever imagine. Circumstances in the past month have required me to shift my attention outside school. My parents underwent a long and painful divorce proceedings which had require my time in order to avoid the situation from worsening. The problem at home forbade me from giving 100% attention to my studies.

While I passed majority of my subjects, I failed or withdrew in some. As a result, I obtained a grade point average of 1. 94, just a couple of notches below the 2. 0 GPA required for maintaining my financial aid. For most of my life, I have always programmed myself to be always ready for school and each exam, as education is a gift that not everyone is able to receive. I have been fortunate to be able to step at the hallways of Miami Dade, but admittedly, I could not continue to do so without financial aid.

I am desperate and I beg the school to give me a second chance. After joining the work-force when I left school in 2002, I have realized the value of education. Since I returned to school in 2006, I have been taking classes and doing well in them ever since. I have been doing full-time work but I do not earn enough to afford to continue going to college. I have given myself a second chance, but I could only consummate my dream to obtain a college degree with your kindness. Thank You. Erika C. Velarde

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