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Stalin Essay Topics & Paper Examples

What Impact Did Stalin’s First Five Year Plan Have on the Economy and People of the Soviet Union?

In 1928, Joseph Stalin developed his first plan that concentrated on the development of the Soviet Union in the global economic spectrum. Stalin proposed that electricity, coal, and iron production need be increased significantly in the following five years in order to compete with capitalist countries. This investigation will analyze the significance of Stalin’s first Five Year Plan in boosting the economy of the Soviet Union. The effects of his plan can be investigated through sources such as Stalin’s 1933 speech on the results of the first Five Year Plan, for a view on Stalin’s perspective of how successful the Five Year Plan was. Stalin’s speech will be evaluated for its origin, purpose, values and limitations. Summary of Evidence Before…

How important was the fear of Trotsky becoming leader in explaining Stalin’s victory in the power struggle in the years 1924-1929?

Everyone believed Trotsky would take leadership after Lenin died, even if they didn’t want him to. No one thought it would be Stalin. Therefore, Stalin felt he had to defeat Trotsky in order to become leader. However, the fear of Trotsky becoming leader isn’t the only factor in explaining Stalin’s victory in the power struggle. Lenin died, January 21 1924. This is when the Lenin Legacy begun. Stalin took it upon himself to give a speech at Stalin’s funeral; he personally swore to carry on the work of Lenin. As General Secretary he supervised the Lenin Enrolment (expansion of the party in tribute to Lenin). He published a book “Foundations of Leninism”, a basic understanding of Lenin’s ideas for the…