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Stages of Assessment Essay

|1. CANDIDATE INDUCTION |Overwrite of the award | | |Initial assessment | | |Identify any special needs or assessment requirements | | |Explain the role of the assessor and the candidate | | |Explain the qualification for the candidate | |2 ASSESSMENT PLANNING |Identify specific activities where the candidate can be | | |assessed which need to cover a range of units and the most | | |appropriate methods need to be used | | |Plan how to meet and assess candidate’s knowledge | | |Address learner needs and current achievements | | |Plan details must be: | | |Who will be assessed?

| | |Where will be assessed? | | |When will be assessed? | | |What activities are being assessed? | | |What units within NVQ will provide evidence for? | | |What methods will be used for gathering evidence? And where | | |will be stored after the assessment? | | |When and how will be feedback given? | | |When will be the plan reviewed? | | |


the candidates need to bring with them? | |3. ASSESSMENT |Undertaken by the assessor in accordance with the assessment | | |plan | | |It using evidence presented by the candidate | | |Manage assessment to meet assessment requirements | | |SMART objectives when using assessment methods (such as | | |Specific, Measurable, Attainable or Agreed upon, Relevant, Time| | |bound) | |4.

ASSESSMENT DECISIONS AND ANALYSE LEARNER ACHIEVEMENT |Assessor has to judge the evidence against the performance and | | |knowledge laid out in the units being assessed to ensure it is | | |fair, valid and reliable | | |(Valid is about ensuring that the form of assessment used is | | |the best way to assess the person for the activity; | | |

Fair if learner needs are met and learner was not disadvantaged| | |in anyway – in one word the equality and diversity principles | | |are followed at all times; | | |Reliable the evidence and the decision if the same result will | | |occur regardless of who is assessing and when (which means I am| | |confident that the learner would perform in the same way if I | | |were not there) |

5. RECORDING ASSESSMENT DECISIONS |Assessor records their decision clearly on a record, with | | |achieved qualification criteria clearly identified. | | |Also assessor has to make sure to make assessment information | | |available to authorised colleagues, follow procedures to | | |maintain confidentiality | | |(Record should include: | | |Who assessed? | | |What assessed? | | |When assessed? | | |The assessment decision | | |The assessment method used | | |The location of supporting evidence | | |Why you have deemed the candidate competent? ) |

|6.GIVE A CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK |To the candidate after assessment as soon as possible | | |This is inform them how they did and what they have achieved | | |Assessor have to make sure that feedback is given at an | | |appropriate time and place | | |Feedback does not have to be given face-to-face: can be given | | |by email, by phone or text message as long as it is recorded | | |Feedback is needed to keep a candidate motivated, give them | | |confidence and help improve, develop their skills | | |Must be written. | | |Candidate must be agreed with it. | |

7. PLANNING NEXT STAGE |Planning how to move forward to the next assessment; when the | | |assessment has to be revisited. | | |Identify any further implication for learning, assessment, | | |progression. | | |Confirm achievement | |8. MAINTAIN LEGAL AND GOOD PRACTICE REQUIREMENTS |Follow policies and procedures, ensure equality and diversity | | |during the assessment, evaluate own work and maintain currency | | |of own expertise. | | | |

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