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St. Francis-College of Commerce Essay

Is the proposed of departmental reorganization for the college of commerce should be push thru or not? Areas of Considerations
The Organization- A medium sized private University. It is one of the better private Universities in the City and primarily known for its engineering and science degree courses. The College of Commerce Department – a major unit of the university but was a far second in enrolment with 3,000 students. – distributed among four major fields: Banking and Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Business Management. – had 55 full time faculty and over 100 lecturers.

The full time faculty members taught as many as 5 courses per semester while the lecturers taught from one to three courses. – The department heads were usually senior faculty members who were considered academically/professionally the well-prepared in the department. – Headed by Dean and Vice Dean. The Vive Dean is in charge for the administrative aspects. The six department heads directly reporting to the Dean.

Proposed Departmental Reorganization- Dean Santos proposed to the Rector a reorganization of College which would reduce the existing number of departments from 6 to 3. -Santos considered the cost increase in running the college and difficulty in raising the tuition fee. -The financial benefits would be the basis of the savings of the stated cost. Pros and Cons- The department heads are against proposal.

-The department heads believe that the merging would create a loss of academic identity in the departments. They want an homogenous department. – Dean arguments that many department heads are just trying to protect their positions and privileges. -According to Santos one of the advantage of the proposal they can fertilize to each other. Hence, the three departments are compromised. Alternative Courses of Action

Alternative 1
To push thru with the proposal for departmental reorganization for the college of commerce…. [continues]

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