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Srika Prathipati Essay

Football as a sport is a craze among many youngsters these days. Football is one of the most famous sports all over America; it is one of the widely viewed sports. People usually access news related to the sport by either reading the newspapers or watching television. But the present day youngsters are becoming smarter by the day, and are more inclined towards online literacy related to the sport. Youngsters usually visit online forums, chat rooms and fan clubs to discuss their favorite sport. A number of football fans meet online and form fan clubs, which give the latest news on the sport.

Online articles, advertisements and blogs related to football have become the most commonly visited websites by football enthusiasts. Most of the websites display live scores of an ongoing match also, and offer facilities for online chatting, were any user can type his own views on the topic. The creators of such websites are creating a common platform for all football enthusiasts to relate and share their enthusiasm for the game with each other. Regular visitors to such websites are also given certain privileges were they can chat or put a message on the message board to their favorite players.

Online articles related to football, give in depth analysis and regular feedbacks on the game, which is very helpful for people looking for news related to football. Advertisements related to football are also being put up at various pubs, and these pubs also air a particular match for its customers. On the whole online news related to football is a plenty, what with so many fan clubs, forums and blogs. Technology has made it easier for people to access any news in a jiffy. Online news is usually very plain and to the point, these forums also have experts in the sport giving speeches, articles and blogs online.Literacy related to American football is easily accessible online, and has become one of the most popular means of accessing the news.

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