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Spectroscopy Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Fourier Transform Infrared, FTIR spectroscopy is a method of infrared spectroscopy utilizing infrared radiation to produce a finger print spectrum of a specific molecular species present in the subject of the analysis (ThermoNicolet 2). This spectroscopic type is generally employed in the compound identification, functional group determination, molecular conformation and stereochemistry investigations, and molecular orientation studies (Hsu 247). Also, analysis of polymers, plastics, copolymers and resins are done through this method (Hsu 248). In this experiment, FTIR will be utilized in the characterization of several polymeric materials such as polystyrene, plastic package material, baggie, and silica film. Infrared radiation interacts with the sample resulting to the bending, stretching, and contraction of its molecular constituents particularly the functional groups (Hsu 249)….

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Infrared radiation interacts with the sample resulting to molecular vibrations such as bending, stretching, and contraction particularly of the functional groups (Hsu 249). A functional group absorbs infrared energy of specific frequency or wave number regardless of molecular structure. For instance, the carbon-oxygen stretching of the carbonyl group in various molecular types is observed at 1700cm-1 (Hsu 266). Moreover, infrared absorption of functional group is found to be consistent amidst the changes in intra-molecular structure, pressure, sampling, and temperature (Hsu 266). Hence, the identification of a specific functional group is possibly done by correlation between the chemical structure and the wave number (Hsu 249). As infrared absorption generates molecular vibrations and rotations, these motions are detected as absorption bands. Generally,…