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Sparta Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Significance of Lycurgus

Explain the significance of Lycurgus reforms to Spartan Society Lycurgus, who gave them the laws that they obey, and to which they owe their prosperity, I do regard with wonder and think that he reached the utmost limit of wisdom. For it was not by imitating other states, but by devising a system utterly different from that of most others, that he made his country pre-eminently prosperous. Xenophon. Lycurgus’ credibility amongst modern historians remains debated, ancient historical accounts on Lycurgus mostly occurred well after what is considered to be the time in history that he lived in. Plutarch an Ancient Historian claims that Lycurgus was indeed a real human being that was given the Great Rhetra by a Delphic Oracle….

The Dominance of Spartan Warriors in Ancient Greece

In 5th century B. C. , there was a clear ruler of Greece, because of their military force and their dedication to the army the Spartan nation was the number one force in ancient Greece at the time. The powerful military force was not gained by mere luck, but by the government policies they had there at the time. This power went untouched for many years and is still a great example today of how a country with a large and strong army will be the one of the, if not the top country in the world. The government policies that were in place at this time are what kept these Spartans in top war performance. Once Spartans were born…

Who was the most reliable in Ancient Sparta

It has been said that Sparta had two separate histories, its own and that of its image abroad…Considering how much was written about Sparta in antiquity, it is remarkable how confused, contradictory and incomplete the picture is. Partly this is because the mirage is constantly cutting across the reality, distorting it and often concealing it altogether; and partly because the Spartans themselves were so completely silent.With respect to our knowledge of the helots in ancient Sparta, how accurate do you believe this statement to be? Support your position by discussing the primary sources available on ancient Sparta. It is accurate to say that many ancient writers recorded works associated with ancient Sparta. Very few of these works were recorded by…

Sparta: Historically Unique

Throughout history the world has seen very few powers that have been quite as unique as the ancient Greek city-state of Sparta. Very few city-states of ancient Greece were able to rival the Spartan people. Their unique government, social structure, and way of life made them a viable force in the ancient world. It is for these reasons that Sparta has gone down in history as one of the most uniquely structured powers in world history, one that is observed by modern intellectuals and politicians, being used as a model for present day militaries and governments. One of the major characteristics of Sparta that made it so unique was it’s government. Although oddly structured, it’s main goal was to achieve…