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Spanking Essay Topics & Paper Examples


It is no doubt that parenting especially has become even more of a challenge. Reflective of modern society, the changes are evident that in the last several decades the behaviors, mentalities, and ethics of this new generation have not been for the better. For this reason in addition a few others, I still believe that spanking is an acceptable form of discipline as long as you always explain why and how many spanks to the child. As I explain my view and supporting evidence on this controversial, nearly outlawed practice, as well as a few of the opposing views. For parents who are on top of their child-rearing knowledge, there are several wellknown psychologists connected to the issue of spanking….


Is it right to use force to discipline a child? A question, many countries are dealing with nowadays. Spanking is a corporal punishment which uses an open hand to strike or slap the buttock (“Spank”, 1996). This way of disciplining children is an old tradition to many countries. According to B. A. Robinsons (2007); “In the 1930’s, about 90% of parents spanked their children, some three generations ago which is endorsed by Dr. Benjamin Spock”. There are laws which are being passed to stop spanking as a disciplinary action use by parents, teachers and caregivers, especially in western countries. The use of force, such as spanking, is an act of abuse according to some legislators which can be penalized by…

Best Advice I Ever Had

My maternal grandpa died in 1982 when I was 12 years old. His name was Matthew Nichols, and his passing was the first significant loss of my life. He never graduated high school and was a self-taught electrician by trade, yet there were several invaluable life lessons that I learned from him. One such lesson occurred when I was in the first grade at Magnolia Elementary School in Carlsbad, San Diego. One day during recess I got in big trouble because my two best friends, Antonio and Larry decided it would be funny to go behind the school and pee on the building. Larry is my cousin we live just a block away from each other. While Antonio I met…