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Space Elevator Essay

The idea of making space elevator was conceived by Michael Laine, the space elevator still a dream to the scientists and its still on the plan to build it one day, the space elevator will be one of the best inventions in the space career and in the world.

Space elevator advantages is more than rockets because its cheaper and safer to the spacemen, also it will be on easy road to approach the space.

Engineers faces a lot of challenges while sketching the space elevator like choosing the right materials to build the elevator and choosing the best area to set up the elevator, after that they need to build it in a certain way to make the elevator balanced on the spinning earth.

The space elevator has some issues too, one of the problems that there is a lot of debris around the earth like junk made by human or natural matter, these debris may hit the elevator on their way, and that’s why engineers want to choose a strong material to build the elevator, the material must be light in the same time so the land can handle the weight of the long elevator.

Scientists must care about every screw in the space elevator, so they will decrease the rate of problems they will face in the future, also the process of building the elevator must be slow to be sure that there is no mistakes. I think the space elevator can be real and everything is possible in our life, but people must work hard to make their idea a real matter.

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