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South China Sea and Kong Bodybuilding Championships Essay

Describe the differences between local and overseas bodybuilding competition. In Hong Kong, there has only one bodybuilding championships; it is Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championships which is organized by Hong Kong China Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (HKCBBA). But in Europe, there has a lot of different bodybuilding competition. The most famous one is IFBB World Fitness Championships, which is organized by International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. There have some difference between two competitions, they are scale of the competition, the category and the sponsors. First, it’s the scale of the competition. In the IFBB World Fitness Championships, there have very strong teams from Ukraine, Slovakia, Estonia and three Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden and Finland. Also many competitors from Australia and South Africa, the biggest team is from Brazil. But in the Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championships, there have only Hong Kong citizens to join the competition or a little comparers who are come from south China only.

The participants in Hong Kong may gain less experience than the overseas bodybuilding competition’s participants. Besides, the promotion of the IFBB World Fitness Championships is much more than the Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championships. Not many people know about the competition in Hong Kong. Next, it is about the category between Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championships and the IFBB World Fitness Championships. In Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championships, there have Men’s Youth Bodybuilding Championship (under 21 year­old) and some student championship, such as Student Athletic Physique Championship and Student Women’s Model Physique Championship. But in the IFBB World Fitness Championships, there are none of youth or student championship.

They just have the championship for the adults. Besides, there have Hong Kong Master Men’s Bodybuilding Championship (the participants should over 40 year­old) in Hong Kong only, the overseas championship don’t have this category. Finally, it is about the sponsors. In the IFBB World Fitness Championships, there have quite a lot sponsors, such as Freak Fitness, MVP biotech and Coach Export etc. These companies are all about fitness products and materials. And in the poster, there have lots of sponsors companies was listed below. But in the Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championships, there have no sponsors companies at all. It can show that the championship in Hong Kong is not popular enough and not many people or companies are familiar with it. so, after the comparison of the local and the overseas bodybuilding competition, we can see the difference in the scale of the competition, the category and the sponsors.

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