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Sorts of environment Essay

1) What sort of environment (hypotonic, hypertonic, isotonic) did the extra fertilizer create around the roots of the corn? The extra fertilizer created hypertonic environment.

2) Keeping in mind your answer to the previous question, what do you believe caused the corn plants to wilt and eventually die? – I believe that the extra fertilizer having a higher concentration than the first round of fertilizer was not a good environment for the corn to try and survive in.

3) If Michael’s mistake had been caught earlier, is there anything that could have been done to prevent the corn from dying? – If Michael would have found his mistake sooner he could have possibly added a solute to the fertilizers so they would have “evened” out.

4) Generally, people water their plants with 100% H20- no solutes added. What sort of environment does this create around the roots of the plant? – I would say that this creates the “perfect” environment for the corn to grow without having additional things added.

5) Briefly explain why plants generally thrive in this sort of environment. – Plants usually grow better in this sort of environment because they can receive all the proper nutrients needed to live.

Part 2 Questions

1) What problem did the distilled water in the patient’s bloodstream create? – Red blood cells have become hypertonic.

2) What happened to the patient’s blood cells as a result – The blood cells have absorbed too much water

3) Considering the function of red blood cells, why did the patient’s oxygen levels fall? – The red blood cells could no longer do their job of sending oxygen through the body

4) After Tom made his error, is there anything that could have been done to save the patient’s life? – Red blood cells could have possibly been added back into the body, if they would have noticed sooner.

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