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Sonalika history Essay

Shri L.D Mittal, Chairman, Sonalika Group is a proud man whose efforts have born fruits. He planted a sapling of farm mechanization many years back. He nourished & nurtured that plant & saved it from vagaries of weather. He, in fact, sacrificed his youth for the sake of farming community. That plant has now grown into full fledged tree with flowers & fruits providing shelters & livelihood to more than 3,00,000 customer, employees & vendors with family members.

At the age of 80, Shri Mittal works for 16 hours a Day & is still looking after the huge “ Sonalika Tree” with all passion & love. Shri Mittal is ably supported by his two illustrious sons, Shri A.S Mittal, Vice Chairman, Shri Deepak Mittal, Managing Director & two Grand Son’s Shri Raman Mittal & Shri Sushant Sagar Mittal who are sparing no pains to see that Sonalika scales still grater heights of glory.

1969: Modest beginning of farm equipment manufacturing.
1997: Diversification into tractor manufacturing.
2000: Joint venture with Renault agriculture, France & Class- Germany for technological developments.
2001: Started in house manufacturing of engines for tractors. 2004: Establishment of international cars and motors ltd. 2005: (a) Became the 4th largest tractors manufacturing in India (b) Tie up with “yanmar” of Japan.

2006: Became the 3rd largest tractors manufacturer in India. 2007: Rhino Rx model launched.
2008: Rx series tractors launched.
2009: Marketing of WORLDTRAC Tractors for domestic and
international Markets.
Gen. Set and Crane manufacturing started
2010: Euro 4 Rhino Rx model launched all over India.
New tractors plant for inaugurated in Bihar.
New plant for manufacturing of Rotavators and Agriculture Implements in Bihar.

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