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Some of the Best Presents are the Ones that Cost the Least Essay

“Some of the best presents are the ones that cost the least” – old toys may be given to deprived ones; time and attention may be presented to children instead of pricey toys; cellular phone or anything that’s needed may be given instead of a watch or anything that’s wanted/desired; freedom & safety may be awarded instead of monetary gifts; and finally, comfort & safety should be ensured rather than focusing on the trend. “The best gifts don’t always cost the most”; one may simply pack his or her old toys and donate it the social welfare department which will in turn bring it to children who are deprived of it (Trice n.

p. ). Even if such toys are already used and may appear to be a little old, the recipients will surely appreciate it (Trice n. p. ). For those individuals who don’t usually get to own toys or those who never had a chance to own one, receiving a toy brings about extreme joy (Trice n. p. ). These may be the best presents they will ever receive considering the aforementioned circumstances (Trice n. p. ). Since these toys were already used ones and no money is involved in acquiring it then it only proves that indeed, “some of the best presents are the ones that cost the least” (Trice n. p. ).

Furthermore, pricey toys, for instance, may not be highly appreciated by children who are rich. Most likely, they would feel much better if their extremely wealthy parents would just come home and spend time with them – – i. e. have dinner with them, watch a movie with them, play games together, chat with them etcetera. Some toys may really be expensive and may really interest a child; however for a child who was not given the opportunity to be with his or her parents then he or she would rather be given a present that’s less expensive or something which cannot be bought like his or her parents’ presence.

This shows that “some of the best presents are the ones that cost the least” (Trice n. p. ). In addition to the aforementioned, a boyfriend may appreciate it if his girlfriend gives him a 24-K gold necklace. However, it would be much better if be given a cellular phone by his girlfriend since he just lost his cellular phone. He needs a cellular phone to sustain his communication with his family, colleagues, as well as, his girlfriend.

Low end cellular phones may be a lot less expensive as compared with a gold necklace; however, he will be much happier because this is what he currently needs and this is what will make him satisfied and happy. Therefore it can be said that “some of the best presents are the ones that cost the least” (Trice n. p. ). Also, soldiers sent to Iraq may be given higher salaries, more bonuses, and additional incentives as Christmas gift. However, they will be more contented if they will be sent home to their families instead.

They want to be reunited with their friends, relatives, and loved ones instead of staying miles away from them unsure of whether they will still be alive the following day or not. They will appreciate it better if they are given “security” instead of those expensive “physical/worldly” gifts. It is safe to claim that “some of the best presents are the ones that cost the least” (Trice n. p. ). Moreover, an elderly woman who receives trendy and pricey clothes may feel more satisfied if she is provided with old-fashioned and less expensive ones which will keep her warm and comfortable.

It is not important for her if the clothes are the latest in terms of fashion as long as it will prevent her from catching colds and other sicknesses and that she will be comfortable with it. “Some of the best presents are the ones that cost the least” especially if were talking about comfort and safety (Trice n. p. ). Works Cited Trice, Dawn Turner. The Best Gifts Don’t Always Cost the Most. 07 December 2006. NPR. 25 January 2009. http://www. npr. org/templates/story/story. php? storyId=6591599

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