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Solving Quadratic Equations Essay

Using correct methods to solve quadratic equations can make math an interesting task. In the paper below I will square the coefficient of the x term, yield composite numbers, move a constant term and see if prime numbers occur. I will use the text and the correct formulas to create the proper solutions of the two projects that are required and solve for the equations… In project one, I will move the constant term to the right side of the equation and square the coefficient of the original x term and add it to both sides of the equation. Solve for project one:

Part A
X2 – 2x – 13 = 0.
4x*4 + 8 = 52
4x*4 + 8 +16 = 52 + 16
4x*4 + 8 + 16 = 68
2x + 4 = 12 2x + 12 + -12
2x = 4 2x = -6
X = 2 x = -3
Part C.
X2 + 12x – 64 + 0
4xsquared + 12x = 64 – 4 squared
16 + 48 = 64 – 16
64 = 48 + 4x squared
In project two, I will substitute numbers for x to see if prime numbers occur and then try to find a number for x when substituted in the formula, yields a composite number. Project 2, Part A.
X2 – x + 41
8 x 8 + 41= 105 not a prime number
3 x 3 + 41 = 50 not a prime number
7 x 7 + 41 = 90 not a prime number
2 x 2 + 41 = 46 not a prime number
6 x 6 + 41 = 87 Prime number

In the work of this paper I was able to move the coefficient, yield composite numbers, move a constant term and see if prime numbers occur. I used the correct formulas and created the right solution for the two projects that I was required to do. Also, while doing these projects I learned about coefficients and quadratic equations and was able to understand math a little better. As far as applying this knowledge of math, I cannot come up with a situation where it will be used. I believe that one day it will be used during my life, but I just have not recognized when and where it will happen.

Bluman, A. G. (2011). Mathematics in our world (1st ed. Ashford University Custom). United States: McGraw-Hill.

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