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Solving Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Student Information System

The executive summary is a one page abbreviated summary of the thesis as a whole and is used to help readers quickly understand the paper’s core idea. Its main intention is to persuade the reader that the system offers the most advantage compared to other systems in the market. Its value is intensified by presenting unparalleled features that exemplify the proposed product. The executive summary does not exceed one page and is usually made when complete documentation has been undergone. This part of the documentation is like selling a product; by telling the features of the program you must convince the reader that the program/system is worth it. The reason that the executive summary is employed instead of an abstract…

Studying Alone vs Studying in Groups

Reading the content of a text book is not studying; in fact, studying involves thorough understanding of the topic. Incorporated with this is good concentration and involvement. This can be achieved either by studying alone or studying in groups. Many students have different studying approaches which depend on their preferences, character, and availability. Some people are more self- centered and prefer working alone while others prefer interacting with others and engaging in group discussions. Personally, I would prefer to study alone which I believe helps shape me for the future as it forces me to be independent. Studying alone allows to you to study wherever you want at whatever time best suits you – it saves you the hassle of…