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Solar Heated Grill Essay

A solar heated grill can be built from a cardboard box, tin foil, and posterboard. Sunlighthits the reflective surface and focuses on the hot dog held in the center. Students canwork in pairs or individually if there are enough materials.This is a parabolic cooker we built a while ago, so unfortunately we can’t show step bystep photos of it’s construction. However, it’s relatively easy to see how it was puttogether.It makes a great Physics project. Unlike most, you’ll actually get some use out of itafterwards.

Some of the principles it demonstrates are:1. Optics: focusing parallel rays of incident light through the use of a parabolic mirror.2. Energy transformation: light to heat3. Renewable energy: solar power

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Chapter IV

This chapter presents the data, analysis and interpretation of findings. It is in this partwhereby the data have been sorted out, tabulated, subjected to statistical analysis andthen the findings were interpreted.after we had produced the hotdog grill out of recycled old carton box.and grilled thehotdog there thru spotted sunlight reflections on the tin foil. We asked somebody torate the taste and acceptance of the food.

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Chapter V
Our hypothesis was right. The hot dog grill made of cardboard can really cookeddelicious hotdogs which is acceptable in the real world, the cooker is cheap if built.because the materials are not expensive.produced hotdog is the same as it is cooked inthe grill.We think that if a reflective hot dog cooker can be built from a cardboard box,tin foil, and posterboard is feasible that hotdog can be cooked there just like mamaused to cook. We think that it is cheaper and economical since we live in a tropicalcountry, we think that this will be acceptable in our time.. RECOMMEN

On the basis of the conclusions formulated, the following recommendations are offeredfor possible further study.

Information disseminations to the people on the proper recycling of old anddilapidated Carton boxes and other recycled wastes should be intensified.

People should know the values of recycling not only the biodegradable andnonbiodegradable wastes but also for them to do their part to cut down onwaste pollution that affects the environment.

carton users should be guided accordingly on how to recycle destroyed shoecartons rather than to junk them elsewhere, because dumping them elsewhere,will eventually can cause messy surroundings. For them also to help reduce thefire which are fatal to human beings.

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