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Social psychology Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Halo and Devil effect

In this world people are judged more often then people are hired for jobs. Most of us all go by the first impression of a person. This can either be good or bad. In the movies Legally Blonde and The Blind Side the Halo and Devil effect is shown and is a very significant issue in both films. These movies also tie in with articles on how beauty is the judging factor into getting jobs and that they show a better performance when working. Also having to do with the Halo and Devil effect. The Halo and Devil effect kind of go hand in hand. The Halo effect is the habit of rating a person high on their performance and…

How groups can influence people

In this essay, I am going to describe how groups can influence people in a positive and in a negative ways. I will be using evidence drawn from Chapter 5 of the study text ‘’Starting with psychology’’ Spoors et al (2011). It is in a human nature to be a part of a social group. Belonging to a group, such as family, clubs, sport teams or group of friends, give us support, it make us feel good about ourselves, give us a sense of social identity. It brings meaning to our life, it make us feel like we belong. However, being a part of a group can also have a negative effect. Group pressure can cause us to behave in…