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Social Networks Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Social Networks

Should businesses be able to use Facebook and Twitter searches to determine whether a person is eligible for employment? There are a lot of mixed feelings about this topic, but a lot more companies are doing performing searches on potential candidates for employment eligibility. I think that employers should use social media in conjunction with hiring an individual. Many jobs today are related to the service industry and I feel that some people just do not qualify for jobs in this industry. More employers today are using Facebook and Twitter searches for determination on if a person is eligible for employment, and for retention of a current employee. In 2010 nearly 22% of employers were checking Facebook profiles when hiring…

Essays for Social Networks

Through her Amigas: Fifteen Candles novel, author Veronica Chambers demonstrates a picture of perfect unity that enables a group of friends to achieve otherwise insurmountable feats. Such exhilarating togetherness urges the involved parties – Gaz, Alicia Cruz, Jamie, and Carmen – to selflessly work towards ensuring that their colleague – Sarita – succeeds in her endeavors. It happens that Cruz encounters Sarita while the former is undergoing her internship. On learning that Sarita is about to celebrate her quincenera – the customary fifteenth-birthday coming-of-age party, Cruz willingly offers to help her newfound friend. Consequently, Cruz mobilizes her three friends to assist in organizing Sarita‚Äôs party. Through the novel, Chambers explores Cruz impeccable networking skills coupled with her , as well…