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Social Networking Sites Effects on Society Essay

Do you use social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, on a daily basis? Are you aware that use of those sites can put you in risk of danger? The risks you put yourself in on social networking sites are great and, in some cases, can cost you your life. Social networking sites are bad for society. Social networking sites alter adolescent’s behaviors, the chances of identity theft are increased, street gangs gain new members, loss of intellectual property and copyright infringement chances are increased, and the number of minutes spent per day are increased.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Tumblr give unruly thoughts and ideas to adolescents. Those unruly thoughts can lead to rebellious and disobedient actions. Adolescents will then disrespect adults and authority figures by not listening to them and doing things they are not typically allowed to do. Identity theft is also a big issue with social networking sites. Because so many people post and upload much of their personal information to such social networking sites, those people are putting themselves in risk of identity theft.

The chances of identity theft have increased by 240%. Street gang members also use social networking sites to recruit new followers. The members make Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Tumblr blogs, and other means of connecting with people to influence them to join their groups. An increase of street gang members can result in higher crime rates in cities and towns. Loss of intellectual property, too, is an issue with social networking sites. People can take someone’s original work (whether it is visual art, a song, a poem, etc.

) and claim it as their own; this is a loss of one’s intellectual property. Copyright infringement is also an issue. For example, if someone were to take a company’s trademarked work – a logo or a quotation – that would be copyright infringement. This could result in a person being sued in a legal court case. An estimated seventy-four-billion minutes every day are spent on a home computer in the United States alone. The time spent on social networking sites on a home computer is yet another issue with social networking.

Spending time on the computer could lead to one not going out in public enough, making people anti-social. Social, face-to-face interactions with other people will be rare; most interactions will be through social networking sites. Others claim that social networking sites are good for society. People say that colleges and universities advertise on sites like Facebook and Twitter to recruit new students. Teachers and professors also use social networking sites such as Twitter and Tumblr to connect with students and provide them with outside-of-class help and, if needed, extra work.

Social networking sites also spread helpful and useful information faster than any other method; much faster than written letters. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many other social networking sites are corrupt and immoral. The sites influence adolescents to disrespect adults in a rebellious manner. Identity theft chances increase while using social networking sites. Street gangs advertise to recruit new followers, which could result in higher crime rates in cities and towns.

A loss of intellectual property and copyright infringement are at risk and could result in a court case. Time on social networking sites on just home computers in the United States are at rates of seventy-four-billion minutes per day. On the other hand, people say that social networking sites are beneficial to society. Colleges and universities advertise to recruit new students and teachers/professors connect with students via social networking sites and social networking sites help spread useful information.

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