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Social Control Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Social control and modernization

Theories about social control normally propose that people’s commitments, norms, values, beliefs and relationships persuade them to respect the law. Therefore, internalizing moral codes that people are tied to, and their interest in the wider society, people will willingly limit their tendency to commit unusual acts. Most of theories on social control are based on ways of reducing propensity of people developing into criminals. They fail to consider issues on motivation and simply state that people are free to engage and choose many activities and can only be limited by the range of activities by social learning and socialization process. Morality is therefore created in the coming up of a social order conveying consequences and costs to various choices and…

Urban Unrest and Social Control

In the reading, the author discussed various events that probably have led to or are the outcomes of disinvestments in urban communities. Such events were termed ‘unrest’ and it includes crime, gang associations, riots and social movements. Citing some studies, the author said that most of these types of ‘unrest’ were found in communities with a prevalence of poverty and violence. She mentioned the presence of struggles in the community which later on resulted to conflict. Economic struggles are present when individuals would want to find alternative ways of making money because they have no work and or are frustrated with the small amount of money they receive from work. Political struggles are present when individuals feel that there is…