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Social and Economic Implications of Diseases in Plants and Animals Essay

Social and Economic Implications of diseases in Plants and Animals Plants
There are many social implications of disease in plants. Some of which are: Loss of Productivity and reduced consumption: The diseases that affect the plants make them unable to function properly, which affects their growth processes. They are dangerous to use and this will negatively affect the consumers of these plants. If these disease-infected plants are consumed, they will harm the organisms. It may even cause death of the organism. Loss of agricultural crops: Farmers will lose their crops to these diseases that have taken control of the crops. (Economic)

Tobacco mosaic virus can devastate crops, resulting in huge economic losses. On a grand scale, crop diseases can affect human history. Eg. Potato blight caused suffering and death in Ireland and resulted in massive migration. This caused a lot of Irish people to migrate to the U.S. Treatment Expenses: Some farmers may seek to try and rid these diseases from their crops. These methods will be more than likely, costly.

The economic implications have to do with agriculture. Look what happens when there is an outbreak of mad cow or hoof and mouth disease. Thousands of farmers will lose their herds and are financially devastated. This also affects the consumer because the decrease in supply will drive up the costs. But, it could also have the opposite effect. If consumers no longer feel safe, then they will stop eating the particular food and the farmers will lose money. Treatment Expenses: Animal herders may seek methods of prevention of diseases which affects their livestock. This may be costly.

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