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Soap Operas and Reality Essay

Life is not always all about drama, and who killed who. These things, however, are perceptions of reality that people get from different sources, like television shows, films, and music. As we all know, not all of these perceptions are always true. Sometimes, when people watch soap opera’s they see it as how their life is going to turn out in a couple of years, when really soap opera’s are only on television to keep one entertained. In fact, most of the things that are in movies and on television are only there to keep one entertained, they aren’t supposed to give you a taste of real life. There is a big difference between reality and the reality on soap operas.

There is always a lot of drama in soap opera’s. Someone is always sleeping with someone that they shouldn’t be sleeping with, someone is always dying, getting pregnant, getting married, or getting divorced. While this does, of course, happen in real life, there is never as much drama as there is in a soap opera. If a child were to watch an episode of “Days of Our Lives”, for example, the child in question might think that when they grow up, they’re going to get divorced from their spouse, going to cheat or get cheated on by someone, or going to get killed or be killed by someone in some horrible way.

In soap opera’s, these kinds of things happen daily, in some cases these things might happen multiple times in one episode, which represents a single day. In reality, these things might only happen to you a couple times in your life, certainly not everyday, which proves that reality is different from percieved reality.

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