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Smartphones Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The use of “smartphones” or the use of regular cell phones?

It is old news that the population is graying, and yet many technological products and services are predominantly geared for and marketed to young consumers (Niemela-Nyrhinen, 2007, p. 305). This technological trend reflects stereotypes of the older adult market as people who want stability and are anxious of new changes, especially adopting new technologies (Vuori & Holmlund-Rytkonen, 2005 as cited in Niemela-Nyrhinen, 2007, p. 305). In the recent years, the academic world has poured more attention on the older population, so that a more authentic account of the older adult consumers can be attained (Niemela-Nyrhinen, 2007, p. 305). This paper conducts a literature review for people over 40 and their use of smartphones. There are no actual studies yet, in…