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Smart SWOT Analysis Essay

Smart Communications, Inc. has exceptional products from its competitors; they can charge higher prices for their products because consumers can’t get those products elsewhere. Technology also plays a great role as one of Smart Communications, Inc.’s strengths; it allows Smart Communications to better meet the needs of their customers in ways that competitors can’t imitate, and lastly, the “devoted” users, when given a choice, customers are “devoted” to Smart communications. Instead of targeting all customers, Smart communications only needs to target new customers in order to grow their business. It is one a telecommunication company that provides wireless services in the Philippines. It also operates as a subsidiary of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company.

Costing appeared as one of Smart Communications, Inc.’s weaknesses, we can’t deny that Smart Communications’ costs are high in comparison to their competitors; and their Costumer Service, this affects Smart Communication’s reputation and causes customers to flee to competitors, who are more respondent.

Developing markets and product innovation will enable Smart to expand and diversify their portfolio of products and services. Through expansion, Smart Communications can develop new opportunities and increase their sales. And with the availability of new services, it will be easy for Smart Communication to better meet their customer’s needs.

When it comes to threats, extreme competition can lower Smart Communications’ profits, because competitors can tempt consumers away with superior products. The availability of substitute products troubles Smart communications’ ability to raise prices, because customers can easily switch to another product or service. Lastly, the government can increase Smart communications’ risk factors, because they can quickly change business rules that negatively affect Smart communications’ business.

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