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Situational Writing Accident Report Essay

Dear Sir/Madam,
Re: Report on a fatal accident witnessed along Ai Sing Road

I am Lenita Loh from Primary 6A of Ai Sing Primary School. Yesterday, Monday, 5th of May 2008, at 3.25pm, I witnessed a fatal accident outside my school, along Ai Sing Road. The horrific accident involving the reckless driver of a white Mazda, bearing the license plate, SBJ1278D, caused the death of my fellow classmate, Andrea Sim. We were on our way home after our extended curriculum hours that fateful day. Andrea, who walked ahead of me, was carefully crossing the road after the pedestrian light had turned green.

In the blink of an eye, the speeding white Mazda swerved and hit her, having failed to observe the red stop light. Andrea’s frail body was flung over 30 metres as a result of that impact. I was too shocked to even move. It was our school’s security guard who managed to call the paramedics and the police. The driver did not get out of the car until police arrived. I knew immediately that the accident was fatal when a police officer placed a blue tent over her lifeless body. I hope my eye-witness account will assist police investigations in bringing justice to the tragedy. An innocent life has been lost forever and many other lives changed permanently.

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