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Single parenthood Essay

This is an outline of three texts about single motherhood. “Mothers without Men” is an article by Amanda Riley-Jones is about why some women prefer to raise child on their own. “Survey dispels myth of failing single parents” by Denis Campbell is an article that gives us three positive point of views on single motherhood. “Single Moms by Choice or Circumstance – Required Reading” by Dawn Zamanis is a more realistic view on single parenthood. The first text talks about the 21st century where single motherhood is accepted by society.

A new type of family is appearing and donor insemination allows women to reduce the relationship to the father to a biological transaction. Furthermore the text gives an example of a single mom, Caroline Webb, who justifies single motherhood by saying that it’s much harder for children to lose their fathers than to never have had one. In the second text the three single mothers Penny Turner, Teresa Goodman and Stephanie Gear all agree on the positive sides on raising a child on your own.

Among other things they all agree that it’s better for the child to live without conflicts between parents. The child’s needs are the priority. Single parenthood is more than broken homes; it can also be a woman’s own choice. In the third article Dawn Zamani talks about that you shouldn’t have a child to fill a void. She uses her own experiences as being a single mother to five children to illustrate the hard facts of the difficulties but also the joys of being a single parent. At last she says that nothing should take precedence over your child.

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