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Simple Gift Essay

The novel ‘the simple gift’ is written by Steven Herrick. He describes three main characters in this book. This book is about one 16 year old boy called Billy, he run away from his house and meets other main characters, Old Bill and Caitlin. Each of there characters received a gifts.

Billy is a 16 year old boy. In Billy’s life his father is an alcoholic and is very mean to him. Billy always wants someone who looks after him and then he can learn how to care. This became true when he runs away from his father and meets Old Bill. Old Bill is like a loving father figure to him. So he considered the friendship with Old Bill as a gift. When he stays in the carriage he felt that this is the home for him and Old Bill is his only family.

Old Bill is an alcoholic man. He lost his wife and his daughter Jessie. Which makes him a hopeless man and he started drinking to getaway for the suffering (pg.95~98)”I lifted the glass and downed it in tone ignorant gulp and I called for another as all thoughts of truth and beauty washed from my mind”. Old Bill lives in a carriage. Even though he has his own house with a big backyard but he still doesn’t want to live in the house with no one else but himself living in it, with no one else care about him, even himself. This has changed when he met Billy. Every morning Billy brought him breakfast with a bowl of milk and Weet-Bix (pg.76)” Every morning that kid has woken me with Weet-Bix.”, spent time talking with him, and Billy also tried to stop him from drinking heavily. (pg.77, 136)” This kid’s going to turn me into a health. He brought out the ginger beer I swore and laughed.”

Caitlin is nearly 18 year old. She works at McDonald’s as a part time hob, to get out of her house (pg.36~37)”I can leave home and that’s why I work at McDonald’s and mop floors.” She’s rich, she had everything she wants but she needs a lover (pg.88)” I know what I really need and it’s not in my bedroom. And it’s not able to be bought in any damn store”. She wants to have a good time with someone she likes. When she met Billy, she had a romantic love experience. They shared food with each other and when she had a lover, her life was perfect (pg.135)”what can I say, it was like stepping into heaven, no less than perfect”.

Steven Herrick describes three main characters. Characters offered each other gifts and their gifts had changed each other’s future and are making their life perfect.

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