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Similar Triangles Project Essay


In this project, I found the height of an object I chose based on how tall one of my partners is, how far away she is from the mirror, and how far the mirror was from the base of one of the objects. From there I set up a proportion and solved for X. X represented the unknown height of the chosen object. Once I figured this out I then converted to feet and compared that to my partners height to see if it was a reasonable or realistic height.

Two-Column Proof:

|Statements |Reasons | |The triangles are right triangles |Given—Mr. Visser told us that we can assume this | |Triangles are similar |If there exists a correspondence between the vertices of two | | |triangles such that two angles of one triangle are congruent to | | |the corresponding angles of the other, then the triangles are | | |similar. |


In this project I learned that you can prove similarity in triangles even if you don’t know all of the angle measures and side measures. I thought it was interesting how in all of my objects my estimation on ratio’s from Dannie to the object, were usually fairly close to what it actually was. I liked in this project how we got to chose the things that we measure so there is variability between each group’s projects. One obstacle I ran into was the two column proof because at first I just couldn’t think of how to start, then I just tried the first thing that came to mind, and it ended up helping.

Essay Topics:

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