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Silence Essay Topics & Paper Examples

If you could say one thing

“World peace. ” “Love one another. ” “End world hunger. ” These statements are probably the most suitable ones to tell the whole world especially in these difficult times of war, hatred, and hunger. Nevertheless, these statements have been heard by almost everyone for countless of times and yet wars still persist, hatred still fills the air, and people still suffer from hunger. So if I would be given the chance to say one thing to the entire world at once, it will be something realistic, something achievable, something like, “Let us take a moment of silence, please. ” Then pause. Silence means a lot of different things for different individuals and for various disciplines. According to Davide Melodia, some…

The Aesthetics of Silence

For me, the essay that speaks to this time is Susan Sontag’s Aesthetics of Silence, included in her collection of essays, Styles of Radical Will. This essay talks about how art nowadays are leaning towards “silence,” the artist’s expression through his work without the need to communicate to an audience. This has been the trend or a leading motif of modern art, which cuts-off the art and the artist to the audience, instead, their work becomes a zone of meditation and egocentricity (Sontag, 1969). Art no longer requires a subject that the audience can relate to; instead it is more of a bare manifestation of the artist’s expression without the need to explain one’s self. For me, this clearly speaks…