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Significance of the Study Essay

To ensure patient safety and minimize human errors, health care settings use multiple methods and tools to monitor the progress and changes of patients. The Patient Checklist is one of the commonly used tools in hospital settings to monitor the health status of patients. Furthermore, the patient checklist also helps standardize and improve the reliability of the care given to patients.

Our study seeks to determine the accuracy and consistency of data in the Lung Center of the Philippines Patient Care Checklist. Correct nursing diagnoses and nursing managements rely on the completeness and precision of the data on the checklist. This is important to determine the possible future problems that patients may encounter or develop thereby allowing nurses to equip themselves on the necessary level of care needed by a specific patient.

Hence, this study aims to benefit the following:

Patient: The result of the study will help ensure that patients will be provided with safe and competent care by nurses.

Nurses: The result of the study will help nurses correctly identify the health care needs of their patients and aid them in formulating their plan of care.

Nursing Office: The result of the study will serve as a guide in the implementation of their protocols and standards.

Training Division: The result of the study will help the training department identify areas of improvement and help set new policies and standards when it comes to the implementation Patient Care Checklist.

Lung Center of the Philippines: The result of the study will ensure that excellent service is provided to the patients.

Essay Topics:

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