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Significance Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The significance of Robin’s Laugh

A discussion of a particular incident in the story which describes the character Robin, ejaculating a boisterous laugh after witnessing the procession that served to penalize his kinsman, Major Molineux, despite his searching for this particular character in the earlier parts of the story because he considered this character someone who could help him in his pursuit to discover life in a town; the paper explores how this particular pivotal moment reveals the character of Robin, his intentions, other than finding Major Molineux, and the development of his fondness for the town his was in and its people. My Kinsman, Major Molineux’ is a period story by Nathaniel Hawthorne written in the gothic genre of story telling. It is about…

Importance or Significance of the Study

Teenage pregnancy is an issue that is worthy pondering about. This issue has raised concern amongst the stakeholders who aspire to have relevant information on the issue so as to be able to come up with the necessary framework that can address the menace. In the United States, teenage pregnancy has been found to be on the rise in the recent past after a lull in the 1990s. Every year, it is estimated that close to one million teenagers become pregnant in the United States and that more than four in every ten adolescent girls have been pregnant at least once before they clocked twenty. Most of the teenage pregnancies are however reported in older teenagers of between eighteen and…

The significance of culture

The significance of culture is highlighted not only in research but more importantly, everyday in every person’s life. From what I see in television alone, it is clear that there is greater cultural diversity. However, this also raises the question of whether what is being depicted in these shows are authentic cultural representatations even the question if accurate depictions of culture are possible. According to Oishi (2004), even when there is “consistency and homogeneity in cultural messages”, there are individual interpretations of cultural identities (p. 69). One has to wonder whether what one attribute to culture is actually outside of it and is simply a construct of one’s own perception and experience of it. This then leads one to question…