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Should Wealthy Nations Be Required to Share Their Wealth with Poorer Nations by Providing Essay

In recent years, there is a controversial issue is that the rich countries should share their assets among the poorer countries or not. Most of the public agreed that it is a necessary activity to help the poor improve their lives. On the other hand, some tax payers resolutely keep their opinions when they supposed that the governments of poorer nations are liability to take care of their inhabitants by themselves. As a supporter of sharing with the poor, I think that we have many reasons to establish philanthropic organizations to support the wretch in other countries and territories.

Several main reasons will be analyzed in this essay. Beginning with lack of natural resources, poor nations cannot take advantages of fertile soil to cultivate or minerals to exploit. Moreover, weak education causes many consequences, one of them is a large number of residents are illiterate so they cannot approach modern life by knowledge. Because of that, they always live with the shortage of food, clothes and other articles of daily necessities.

They do not have enough money and technology to improve the environment so it brings them to need the help of other countries for surviving. Besides, economic crises occur after several years, as a stage of the economic cycle. Given their capabilities and power, rich nations often recover more quickly than their poor counterparts.

This means that the poor is not only more prone to negative impacts of economic crises but also in more difficult circumstances. In these cases, if we do not join our hands to offer them financial assistance, then the gap between the rich and the poor is become wider, lead to the loss of economic balance. When the living standard has been improved, they can afford to quality good and the trade all over the world will be more prosperous. Last but not least, sharing wealth with the poor is a humanitarian activity, and anyone can do it.

This is the best lesson for children about the important of sharing in hard times. From that, the love of human races will be larger. However, the government of poorer countries should not only rely on others. They also have to improve their own situation by carrying out the reform in education, changing some unsound customs and opening to obtain the knowledge of the world. In conclusion, if the richer can give their wealth and the poorer can improve by themselves, we will soon have a thriving future.

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