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Should Marijuana Be Legalized in Canada, or Should It Not Essay

Bob Enyart’s view on legalizing marijuana is more convincing compared to the Young Liberals of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada’s (British Columbia) as his use of pathos and rhetorical devices is more effective. Bob Enyart plays with his viewers’ feelings and emotions as he makes them feel as though they have to be on his side or their view is completely immoral and in his words “stupid”.

Whereas the Liberals article was more of just straightforward reasons of why and what they will do to have marijuana legalized, giving not much backup thought provoking information and details as appose to Enyart’s. Enyart takes you’re original view, if you were once for the legal use of pot, and throws it out in front of you, exclaiming that it’s unexceptional and unjustified: “If you likewise assume that there is no right or wrong (and thus reject arguments against pot) you’ve got problems way more serious than marijuana and you need to find help (Bob Enyart: Why Marijuana should be illegal).”

With this making you feel as though the only right way to go is with his point of view. Throughout the article Enyart goes on like this, making you feel fearful of this drug with bringing up studies and diseases that create a shiver down your spine realizing how grave and fallacious marijuana legalization is: “Many studies show serious problems…(Bob Enyart: Why Marijuana should be illegal).” Enyart not only justifies his reasons and opinions but he uses comparison to come through with his point: “… Hundreds of millions cannot get drunk even on a glass of wine or a can of beer. Conversely, there are countless millions of people who get high with the normal use of even only one, two, or three drags on a joint (Bob Enyart: Why Marijuana should be illegal).”

The Liberal’s had only made you aware of the actions they would take to get to where they want to be but, they did not justify, provide details about “Why?” whereas Enyart has even included the question “Why? (Bob Enyart: Why Marijuana should be illegal)” and an established defense towards the key topic. Thus, Enyart’s article is far more persuasive to the readers as appose to the Young Liberals of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada’s (British Columbia).

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