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Should Foreign Language Learning Be Compulsory in Uzbekistan Essay

Should foreign language learning be compulsory in Uzbekistan. English is wide spreded all over the the world. That is why in many country it is added for curriculm as a second and foreign language. Each educational institution has it’s special curriculm that specialized for different profession. But in every where foreign languages are tought as an obligatory such as Russian and English. It is important to development of the country,because in order to be a developed country the population of that country should be educeted and bilingual people.

I strongly agree with the opinion the foreign language learning should be compulsory in Uzbekistan. But there are some jobs doesn’t require for any foreign languages such as nurses, singers,engeeners,taxi drivers. I think it is great opportunity to learn foreign language in school for all professionalists. Because there are some drugs brought from abroad and their instructions given in Engilish. If nurses knew English they would use these drugs in order. Singers also need to know english,in order to be a famous person they have to sing in different languages.

There are some international competitions where the singers need to sing a song in Engilish as an” Euro Vision “. Nowadays the technology is developing day by day and engeeners need to improve their skills by the exchanging experience with the foreig ners. Because in the Europe technology is developed more than in Uzbekistan. There are so many taxi drivers they come ecross with different kind of people;old, young, male, femaleeven with the foreigners during their working day.

Taxi drivers need to know Engilish to communicate with foreigners. In my opinion if all uzbek people become bilingual would be good for development of Uzbekistan. In order to achieve for bilingualism foreign language learning should be compulsory in Uzbekistan. Because everyone wants to go abroad to study, to travel,to work, to earn money . If students go to the abroad and learn their experience would be good for to develop our country. Because developed countries can provide students with high qualified knowledge.

Which is needable for their career and for doing contributions in our country. As a conclusion I can say that foreign language learning should be compulsory in Uzbekistan. Because if all uzbek people become bilingual, it will be good for development of our country. If our students go abroad for study, they can get high qualified knowledge and exchange their expierence with foreigners. They can do important contributions for developing of Uzbekistan.

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