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Should Evry One Be in School Until the Age of 18 Essay

It is the fundamental right for every person in this world and become the third eye of a person. Nowadays, life is very fast and tough to survive without knowledge and knowledge comes with education. But fixing the age for schooling has its pro and cons and this essay discuss both sides.

Some people think that with this method, a country can raise is literacy ratio easily which is beneficial for that country. Some people believe that it is best method to stop child labor for country like India where child labor rates are high. Some times, some kids drop study as think they are weak in study early age but by fixing age to study they have to schooling and at age the age of 18,now teenager becomes more mature and they can go for further study also so with this there is chance to increase ratio of higher education also.

In my opinion I don’t think students should be forced to stay in school till there 18 because if they really don’t want to be there they wont pay attention.

Another reason is they might start disrupting the class and the teacher then no one else will learn.

Lastly it will teach them a lesson because when they drop out of school there going to need a job so it will teach them a lesson because they wont be able to get a good job because they didn’t finish school and the people that work there are probable not going to want someone who gives up there going to want someone who are hard working and wont quit even if something is a little difficult. Then they might want to go back to school because they figured out that you cant have a good life without a good education.

So this is why I think that students should not be forced to stay in school till there 18.

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