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Should College Athletes Get Paid for Playing? Essay

Over decades, Division 1 athletes have been pouring their heart and soul into their sport they worked so hard for day after day, week after week. For years, athletes talents has Got them to a university where they can show their ability and talents. When you are at the division 1 level it is more competition then any other division and there job is to bring a Championship. A true athlete plays the game that their heart desires. In recent , There has Been a controversial question that leaves a thought in every athletes mind “should students who play a sports get paid because they are a college athlete?”.

We all have some kind of emotion after winning a big game. Nothing can ruin the joy and excitement, it feels like you are on top of the world. In these moments nothing matters but the win, no thought of money run though your mind. “About two percent of high school athletes are getting accepted athletic scholarship to compete in college”. It is a honor to get a chance to play at the college level. This opportunity to play at the college level should not be taken for granted. To play at the college level is something that all athletes dream of and for the most, is the completion. College athletics are based on heart and passion to succeed in the sport they choose to play. I personally think they should not be paid. All people think different, it might cause problems too.

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College athletes are already receiving things. College athletes are all ready being paid from the scholarship they received and other offers that the university all ready have. For a example the scholarship includes, books, food, and dorm. On top of the scholarship, athletes are given free trainers, tutor, any type of coaches, and equipment.

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